Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So I'm getting started.

I've decided to get more confidence in my self and in my writing. I'm awesome and my writing is awesome, that's a given. Now for the hard part, getting all of you to admit that I'm awesome and that my writing is even cooler than I. (difficult, I know) I have plans in life, they are air tight. In the sense that I am stubborn and don't like to give up on things that I've told people I want. I will get published through random house and then I'll see the world. The order isn't important, just that they will happen. All neigh sayers of my plans may now commence to throw yourself down the stairs. I'm a poet and a novelist, novelizing coming first in how precious it is to me. This blog is all about where my mind goes when I start thinking, so it'll be kind of like a well done twitter, where it's not about what I ate but how what I ate makes me think. So I guess I finalize this post with a quote from a friend and writer in arms, "cool, yeah it's a good thing i think." A very assuring reassurance as to my writing of a blog. Well I guess there it is. But for some reason I now can't stop talking, Or changing fonts. Why should I conform to uniform fonting? Fonting not being a word, but why should I conform to that as well? Back to this one. I like this one. So about me, I'm a new man in an old world and I'm not quite sure what to do to progress through this sloppy world of do's and do not's, All I know is that I like to write and I like talking to people. Er, in this case, at people. Oh well hope you enjoy my thoughts as much as I like thinking.