Monday, December 12, 2011

The sound left only in The Silent Voice.

A stop motion interaction; the beauty of a frozen moment.
I met her in the heat of summer, the sun reflected in her hair and smile.
The sheer stunning audacity of her beauty hit me in my mind, numbing my speech and slowing my thoughts. An awkward smile passed between us, reminiscent of words of an earlier night. The swoop of lustrous hair drawing attention to her eyes, set above cheeks unstained of tears. A simple hello from the lips, that previously wove words around a room, words that later came to reverberate in my mind. Poetry to hang in the air. A stunning beauty to stop thoughts in progress only to later inspire them with the afterthought of a simple smile. A chiming peel of laughter released, after an awkward joke has been pressed out of my fumbling jaw, catches my heart off guard causing it to skip in place. The word beautiful would then pale in comparison for what I try to describe is that of a sheer unthought kind of elegance. Incomprehensible to all but those with the most poetic of hearts. A common passion shared lights the fire of friendship between two writers. Now I lay here struggling to describe the beauty of someone indescribable and just hope that she takes my attempt as a compliment. That a poetic flow to a set of meaningful words makes her smile in amused flattery as a near stranger serenades her with that of the silent voice.

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