Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Turrin' through the weekend.

Aye, well. Beautiful weekend. I ended up working for a play put on by a troupe of amazing and gorgeous actors called the girdle scouts. I was on lights, which led me to a close friendship with a dude named scott. Who is soon to be my employer, hurray money and fun. But, back to the play. It doubled, nay. Tripled my expectations for what it would be. I had an amazing time, and by the time it was done I was very sad to see it go. Only knowing half of the names of the cast and crew and keeping an eye on one in particular I forged ahead to the after party on closing night. There in I had a fun time conversing and shmoozing with my new found friends, names in my head and some just faces but all of them smiles. I ended hitting it off with this one girl who was pretty cool and cute to boot. We wandered around each other's personalities for while, drifting in and out of each other's circles, tentatively sticking out feet to try and trip the other, in a figurative manner of course. Being who I am, of course the girl of the night sticks out the most. She came home with my family and I that night. Not to mention a very drunk Grinch and his wife, the Grinch (Romeo) Was a very sweet guy and we ended up being good friends by the end of the night. Though he may not remember the latter half of that night... He was on a mission to be nothing but fucked up. Needless to say, he succeeded with flying colours. When I got home mum and Pa passed out near immediately, Ayla and I sat in the living room for another hour and a half of nice conversation, not often I happen upon someone whom I can talk to, it's nice and refreshing. A good change of pace.

  Another good night of sleeplessness, a cd made and the awakening to the sweet sound of voices. That next day went by in a rush. I think we listened to Astronautalis in the car. Not enough time. The clean up process was nice and smooth. Life lifted cleanly out of last night party ravine and everyone seemed well rested. Though, Romeo was not to be seen, we were all fairly sure he'd be in a self induced coma for the next week. (Laughs) That was kind of the weekend, I came home and passed right the hell out, woke up and played Skyrim. So here we are, in a moment at three in the morning. Tis' a good time to be alive.

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