Friday, December 9, 2011

This being a post. That it is.

I've been laying in bed a lot recently, kicking around my house, and skipping rocks across the space between the ground and the sky. I've really only come to realize two things, having so much free time you'd think that the possibilities of what you can do are endless, which may be true. Although that depends on who you are. See, some people's brains are kicked into high gear when they have time and space to think, me. No I'm not like that. I'm in best form when the weight of the world bares down on me, daggers and glares unsheathed and everyone's back turned on me, only in the darkness of pressure and solitude am I allowed to shine. So what have I been in this vacation of vacations? If you guessed happy, relaxed and care-free than you haven't been reading, I've been miserable and disgruntled. But, most of all, stressed. Now most of you may think that counter intuitive. Yet, to me it makes perfect sense. Since here, I'm trapped in my own mind, and my mind is filled with many unexplored corners, some that will never be graced with the prying eyes of curiosity and only scrutinized by that of the darkness that surrounds.

  So I spent this period of time wandering the corridors of my imagination and learned many a things about myself and how I work, and I kept smiling and frowning in two deft motions of emotions, and I can't stress it enough that I began to realize that if I am to succeed I need to be pressured and busy, but to enjoy that success I need to be free to roam my mind and uncover as much as I can before consciousness escapes its container and flits off to that next step in everything where we all must die. Now, the second thing I learned is that, if given time, People can spend ridiculous amounts of it doing pointless things, I spent many, many, many, many, many, hours doing just that: nothing. But, I was able to trick myself into thinking I was being productive, how? I played mine craft. Awesome game, though if given the opportunity, time consuming... So I needed some time to write some poetry right? Or else I'd get headaches and feel like a nobody, so I did. here are two of many.

Dark nights and fire light. A flash of light and the turbid night. It's the perfect time to attempt to rhyme, to dance, to play. Maybe even run away. But here in the dark, only two things are true, and that my dear friend is only me and you.

The wind bends and breaks the cover of clouds. Trees bend and rocks grind. My jar open and at the ready. Lid firmly in hand, I stare down the air, electricity crackling between me and all that is was and will ever be. I stare down the un-blinkable and dare the un-finchable to flinch. I stand there my jar at the ready. Prepared, to catch a storm.

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