Monday, December 12, 2011

The Spiral and Interpol. It's a storm and it's excessive.

Alrighty, it's a new day and my head feels to be in the swing of things. I wish there was a better way to advertise this son of a gun. But, you know. There isn't. I deleted Facebook and have tried to move on from the massive beast that is social networking and in some senses decided to become more of a hermit. Not a bad life. I'm enjoying the solitude, i just hate feeling lonely. But, it's something. It's all fuel for life and inspiration for the next step.

 I have some music here that I want to share, it's kind of what plays in my head when I live. Or think, I guess just functioning in general. This is the song I hear, Evil, by Interpol. I like that song, it makes me feel like me. Which I guess will lead me to talking about music.

 Music is the only way I can open doors in my mind without hours of searching and nonsensical guessing. I don't play around with silence. We aren't on speaking terms. Each and every second of my life is filled with music. If you're talking to me, you can damn well understand that I'm associating the conversation with a song. Everyone I meet has a song to me. Everyone a sound, a place they've been connected to me through tunes. I love it. It gives meaning to my words and moments. When I'm feeling the most confused I sit down with Paul Banks and my pen and scratch away at the paper while his guitar and voice serenade me into a world of my own creation, where even the most grave of mishaps is under my control. I love it. The only thing I can truly fit the word love to, is my writing and the music that accompanies it.

  Some songs I've deleted off my iTunes, and with them the people associated. I leave people behind like tracks that no longer stimulate my mind, and I see nothing wrong with that. It's not a defense mechanism it's just that they no longer interest me or do for me what they once did. There are a few people to this day in existence who seem to be able to perpetuate their song through all the albums of my life. I won't name names, and I think some of them don't even know who they are, but if they let me tell them then they'll know. I'm going to start posting chapters of books and short stories soon.


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